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52 Herbs in 52 Weeks

Here’s the challenge:  Can I research & understand 52 Herbs in 52 Weeks?

In my magickal journey I’m getting a bit scattered.  There’s so much to learn!!

I’m a teacher at heart & would love to teach what I love instead of what I am burnt-out in (allopathic, Western medicine…blah…yuck…life-sucking).

So, I’m going to study!  I thought about how best to do this & figured, why not pick 1 herb a week & learn everything I can about it.  It’s history, cultivation, culinary uses, health uses, magical uses.
This week’s herb is Basil



Give me a couple of days & I’ll post everything I’ve learned about one of my favorite herbs!

Wild Blessings,

VeganWitch ~*Rhi*~

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